The music released under the name "Ooyy" have a modern and futuristic sound with a touch of ambient feels. Creating an "Ooyy" track is a fun process and when you hear the rhythms and sounds of the productions you know it's an "Ooyy" track.


The magic of Lush Lo-Fi beats with this jazz/soul touches. I must say it's pretty relaxing to listen to when you're in the mood for it. Music released under "Yomoti" is both fun and uplifting, the crushed beats and jazzy chords combined with fun melodies will totally get you set for a great mood.


The more relaxing and ambient sounds is released under "Luwaks". The creating process of "Luwaks" is a lot of sound design and getting the right feel into the tracks. I want to create this feeling with “luwaks” where you can set your mind free and with your imagination create a meaningful and creative place for the track.


It's the old but gold deep house music that probably fits every lounge in the world...! Harvio is all about the lounge vibes together with a beautiful sunset on the beach.